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Residential Projects

Plat of Survey/Boundary Survey: A survey of property showing all improvements within property lines and placing stakes at lot corners in accordance with current Illinois minimum standards  
Commercial Projects Condominium Survey/ Conversion Subdivision Plats  
Industrial Projects Topographical Survey A survey showing contours and elevations of a tract of land in relation to an established landmark  
Expos Annexation, Easement, Vacation & Dedication Plats  
Cell Tower Surveys ALTA Surveys
A survey of property that meets the requirements of the American Congress on Surveying and Mapping, the American Land Title Association, the Real Estate Law Section, and the Illinois Professional Land Surveyor Association and The National Society Of Professional Surveyors
And More! Right-of-Way Surveys  
  Subdivision Plats
A map or chart of a lot, subdivision or community showing boundary lines, buildings, improvements on the land, and easements as required by state and local statutes for recording

Global Positioning Services (GPS)
Used to create a survey control network to locate ground-based features with a high degree of accuracy. GPS services can be used on small, local sites or across large and/or obstructed areas

  Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Combine geographic data with attributes or characteristics that describe those features. When combined with remote sensing and other mapping data, the result of GIS is a digital information database that can be used for analysis, planning, and management
  Construction Staking/Site Layout  
  As-Constructed Survey  
  Large Land Tract Survey  
  Elevation Certificates  
  Metes and Bounds
Precise description of the boundary lines of parcel of land. Not described by reference to a lot or block shown on a map, but described by starting at a known point and describing the bearings and distances of the lines forming the boundaries of the property
  Legal Descriptions